Positive Behavioral Intervention Support

Our mission is to foster a positive, safe, and respectful learning environment that enhances student social-emotional, behavioral, and academic growth.  We believe ideal academic and behavioral success can be reached through creating and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment using Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports.

What is PBIS?

  • A multi-tiered approach to social, emotional and behavioral support.
  • A way for schools to encourage and teach positive behaviors.
  • A research-based scientific approach to improve school safety and promote positive behavior.
  • PBIS is a system that supports equitable practices and approaches in promoting positive behavior. 
  • The focal points of PBIS are prevention, intervention, and restorative practices.

PBIS Guiding Principles:

  • All students are valuable and deserve respect.
  • Encourages acts of respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors.
  • School staff members regularly recognize and praise students for positive choices and decision-making.
  • Early prevention can prevent more serious problems.
  • Use evidence-based practices and strategies.   


Northwest Elementary School's Three School Expectations:

Be Respectful: Of others, the environment, and ourselves.   

Be Responsible: For our actions   

Be Safe: Keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves


Northwest Elementary School's PBIS School System(s):

Self–Manager Positive Behavior Cards: Students must earn positive behavior points each month from their teacher to become a Self-Manager. A Self-Manager is a student who displays respectful, responsible and safe behaviors in the classroom, Specials, hallways, bathrooms, lunch and recess. Students receive a Self-Manger certificate and grade level celebration at the end of each month.

Cedar Bucks: Any school adult may distribute CEDARS Reward Bucks to students for positive reinforcements, behaviors, and successes.  Once, twice or three times a week, we will announce CEDAR Buck winners to receive a reward and students will report to the office for their reward.

Northwest Golden Ticket: Each teacher will receive one Golden Ticket each week in their mailbox. Each teacher will distribute the Golden Ticket to one class per week demonstrating the Hallway expectations. When a class receives a Golden Ticket, the teacher may post it in the hallway outside of the office area. After five weeks, the classroom with the most Golden Tickets will receive a classroom reward.

CEDAR Cafetorium Classroom Celebration: Each grade level classroom teacher’s name will be displayed on the bulletin boards. As a class, students will earn a link to add to your class chain each day during lunch by displaying positive and safe behaviors in line, during and after eating, and exiting the cafetorium. At the end of each month, ONE classroom from K4, K5, 1 or 2 AND ONE classroom from 3, 4 or 5 with the longest chain will receive a treat at lunch!



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